Webinar Presentations: Exploring Health Impact Assessments

tuscon-croppedThis webinar provides an overview of how Health Impact Assessments (HIAs) can be used to examine the potential health impacts of a policy, project or plan.

HIAs focus on health outcomes, particularly for vulnerable populations, and are a unique form of research that seeks participation and input from various stakeholders. This webinar shares strategies for policymakers to advance policy, programmatic and system changes to ensure that healthier food and physical activity are accessible in all states through the HIA process.

Download PowerPoint Presentations:

  • Bethany Rogerson, Senior Associate, Health Impact Project
  • Julia Pekarsky Schneider, Director, Chronic Disease Prevention Policy, Association of State and Territorial Health Officials
  • Megan Lott, Senior Associate, Kids' Safe and Healthful Food Project, Pew Health Group, The Pew Charitable Trusts.

Leadership for Healthy Communities is a national program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

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